Parade Rules
  1. PLEASE DO NOT THROW CANDY FROM VEHICLES! THOSE THROWING CANDY ARE SUBJECT TO REMOVAL FROM PARADE BY WAUNAKEE POLICE! To ensure the safety of parade participants and watchers, please make sure to walk candy to the curb. We CAN NOT have kids running into the street to pick up candy. This will be strictly enforced by parade volunteers and the Waunakee Police Department!
  2. Please use good judgment if you are squirting water, as many parade viewers do not wish to be sprayed! Please be respectful!
  3. Please try to avoid causing gaps down the parade route. In years past parade watchers have started to leave thinking the parade was over due to large gaps.
  4. If your unit is lined up on South Division Street, please keep your unit to the side of the road as you advance to Main Street, to avoid any blockage of the road. If there is an emergency first responders need to be able to get through.

Thank you for helping to make this year’s WaunaFest Parade a safe and fun experience!

PO Box 65
Waunakee, WI 53597